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Here is what you need to know about our Youth Employment System (YES).

Who can use the Youth Employment System (YES)?

Although YES was originally developed for a youth summer employment program, YES is useful for any hiring program that needs to match candidates to employers. This system provides an online, easily accessible place for both employers and candidates to register and submit their openings/applications. YES makes it easy to select applicants who closely match the given job skill set based on the criteria selected.

Is YES only good for summer or one-season programs?

No. YES is suitable for multiple-season programs. If your organization has multiple programs across various seasons, YES allows applicants to filter the positions available for each season. Our system handles gathering all the candidates’ data for multiple seasons.

Does the system have an auto-matching function?

Yes. With all the candidates and employers in your program’s database, it becomes very cumbersome to manually select the right candidate for a position. We’ve built YES with an auto-matching feature to help you select the candidates that best match the available positions based on the skills selected. The administrator needs to set the matching skillset criteria in order for the system to match applicants to open positions.

Can we conduct virtual interviews and supervision activities?

Yes. YES has our .office Live web conferencing system integrated into it as a module, so you can conduct virtual interviews and trainings without downloading additional software or needing to log in to a separate application.

What are the benefits of using the YES application?

This application is the solution to modernizing manual, tedious, or clunky processes during a hiring season. You no longer have to manually intake and transfer data from paper applications, nor do you have to sort through all the available candidates and employers to figure out who is best suited to what position. Placing candidates and providing jobs is much easier and quicker with YES’s automated matching capability.

YES is also responsive and accessible on mobile devices, making it easy to use from anywhere. The experience of using YES with a mobile browser is the same as using a desktop.

Customizable reporting puts information at employers’ fingertips. It also helps program administrators keep track of statistics such as applications received, positions filled, etc.

Does it have any timekeeping for worksites or employers?

YES now allows youths to submit their timesheets virtually, so you can accept and approve timesheets right within the application system. YES makes it easy to track youths’ weekly/bi-weekly time and approvals, so you can get access to critical data (total billable hours) for your easy payroll process.

Who can I contact if I have an issue?

Digicon has a 24/7/365 Network Operations Support Center available to you. Please email or call (703) 621-1000.

Can we set up a demo for the entire application?

Yes! Please fill the form on this page above to request a demo.

Where can I find more information on the user interface and navigation?

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