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Remote Teamwork with .office Live

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Contributed by Brent Rusnak & Zena Negash, Sales Associates

.office Live Web Conferencing toolWhat a year 2020 has been so far! This year has been one that we will remember forever. We went from our normal lives and workdays to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in the blink of an eye.

The priorities of businesses had to shift toward ensuring the health and safety of employees while also maintaining effective, efficient teamwork from remote locations. Here at Digicon, it was no different, as we adopted working from home as the best solution and began to rely heavily on digital communication methods.

Our notion of collaboration has completely transformed, and we must now embrace a new reality of virtual collaboration.

Although you might assume you lose connectivity when you don’t see your coworkers in person, we’ve learned that working remotely doesn’t mean you have to compromise on collaboration time. Digicon put the necessary tools in place to keep up our office unity by developing our web conferencing tool, .office Live (pronounced “dot office live”). This system measures up with Zoom and GoToMeetings, but it offers more features such as server and PIN security features, breakout rooms for smaller group work, and an emoji status to show you want to ask a question. We’ve been able to work in a conference setting and talk with one another as if we were all in our Digicon conference room. Sharing presentations and hosting webinars, lunch and learn sessions, and interactive meetings with a recording feature makes it possible for no one to be left out of any important conversation. Digicon’s experience using .office Live has taught us that going remote doesn’t have to be the difficult transition we all feared it would be. Then we got to thinking—who else could benefit from what .office Live has to offer?

Not only is .office Live great for Digicon internally, but it’s especially useful for our current and potential clients! We’ve been able to promote our web conference tool, demo its features, and show multiple clients in different industries—like commercial businesses and legal firms—how they can also benefit and still thrive while working from home. After all, the client is our focus. Being able to see the tool firsthand, learn it, and receive key information directly from us has led more and more clients to sign up over these last few weeks. Webinars, promotions, and demos are just the beginning for us here as we continue to grow our package of IT solutions. At Digicon, this is what we do and what we’re built for: forever adapting to the world around us and doing it at a high level. As our CEO John Wu likes to say, we must remain “humbly confident” in everything we do.

The culture and closeness at Digicon have grown tremendously while working from home, despite us being physically distant. Management has made safety a clear focus, while also keeping us on task and always being there for us regardless of the time of day or issue at hand. With the help of the Network Operations Support Center, development team, engineers, and sales and marketing team, all technical issues are handled in-house in a timely fashion. Sharing documents and information has been seamless, sales and marketing volume has increased, and the collaboration among multiple departments at Digicon has given everyone the chance to learn more and use their time wisely. We no longer have to worry about rushing to the office so that we are on time for a meeting or stress over project timelines as much.

It has given us the chance to truly adapt, learn more, use our work hours better, and refine our ability to develop and grow as a team. We have each grown extremely close with many colleagues, whether that be on a work or personal level, and that is something we truly value when working for a company. We are forever grateful for how Digicon has handled the business challenges of this pandemic while keeping us safe. We will continue to push forward, remain gritty in our work, and keep our focus on the goals at hand, no matter the circumstance. Remain safe, work hard, and let’s continue to adapt!

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